I learnt Theta level 1 last year and I have been using it. It has helped me and others as well in releasing negative feedbacks about ourselves. Technique 'cancel, clear , delete' has come to my aid as many a times people pass negative comments.so I use it and release the effect of those words from my mind and aura. And it protects an empath like me.at peace finally. Thank you so much and thanks to Theta.:).

Swati Bhardwaj

Needs vs wants:
I have been wanting to treat myself to a new polaroid camera for a while. I walked into many stores to check it out, would search on amazon literary everyday. I searched for it so much online that I am also getting targeted with ads on facebook but I told myself may be later. Its just a want, not really a need! To my surprise, just last night, my husband walked home with a polaroid camera that he had won at an office event- and this one was better and bigger than the one I was eyeing. I woke up today with gratitude and a more strengthened belief in the universe- Its listening to every conscious and unconscious ask. You just have to believe in it and it will manifest.



Student of Rachna Mehra



With theta healing session my health has improved a lot. I have achieved the perfect health. My past issues have been resolved. I have achieved loving relation with my family members. I had lazy eye from birth. I took healing session from Rachna mam and I witnessed it became normal with one session.

Thank you so much mam.

( Client from Amritsar )
Name with held on request

The serenity prayer-

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Rachna’s Theta healing workshop has been instrumental in my journey of self empowerment. Not only did this three day workshop teach me how to LIVE god’s gift called LIFE but also taught me to act as my own catalyst thus moulding myself to situations rather than expecting others to do it for me. It made me realise that I myself am responsible for all my actions and have the intrinsic power and the ability to have whatever I wish and need in my life.

Rachna’s has not only given me the strength to believe in, but also implement the serenity prayer in every aspect of my life.

Rachita M
Marketing Professional-Lakme Lever

Dear Rachna ji,

Theta Healing Basic and Advanced DNA courses have made an invaluable difference in my life. I have been able to clear many unwanted beliefs and send positive energy to my dear ones. I feel more energetic, joyful and enthusiastic than before.

Rachnaji, you are an embodiment of love and compassion. I am indeed blessed to have been trained by you. I shall keep growing with this learning and help others to live their lives fully.

Shabnam Johry

Having heard of so many ways to reach God I have been confused about the ability of human being to attain that connection easily. Since many years have been witnessing a plethora of organisations and claims by them of being the only way to reach GOD. Needless to say followers of various beliefs have solidly claimed and sworn by their practices to reach GOD. Somehow nothing touched my heart or head.
However I found the tenants of the theory and practice of Theta Healing different, practical, logical and most importantly attainable by ANYONE. It took me a long time to finally enrol myself for formal training though I did informally learn and read about it.
The experience of learning it from Rachna Mehra has had a profound effect on me—her way of teaching and explaining makes the class sublime. She is calm, collected and yet extremely sure of her belief in Theta and does not get flinch even for a moment when bombarded with questions and queries by students like me.
Theta healing is a way to talk to God and ask for whatever you want or wish and it is granted. However a person has to work very hard to follow the tenants and rules laid down on how to improve self as a human being, to forgive and love even the worst enemy, be kind, generous and stay away from any negative practice or thought. It does take a long time to LEARN how to do that and the material on this is unending. And continues for a lifetime
If followed whole heartedly a person can almost become a saint in outlook and practice and talk to God at all times. All Theta healers are exceptional human beings and they generate positivity ,generosity, calmness and above all an unflinching belief of always being connected to GOD or Creator and attain ANYTHING...their conviction is rock solid and they want others to gain by it also..How divine is that!!! I am in the learning process......

It was a great opportunity to choose you as my teacher for learning Thetahealing Basic DNA course.It was a great experience to learn more and more about the Supreme Power –“The Power of Own Soul” and more precisely about the technique to strengthen the belief in its abundance and its miraculous effect on our day to day life through various types of thoughts moving around.Everything was possible due to Ms Rachna Mehra, who is a good teacher, a good transformer, highly dedicated and passionate to share her best to create central belief in the “Creator of All That Is” and also to develop sense of realizing the ultimate power of divine energy of unconditional love for achieving happiness, joy and abundance in life, during her 3 days Basic DNA course held on 22-24 Nov’2013.
With best regards, love and Gratitude,
Manoranjan Kumar Shukla,
Director - Mind Processors Technologies Pvt Ltd,

It's been great being a part of the Theta family and the Divine Light.

It does open up our mind's horizons in unbelievable ways and it makes you have Faith, feel Secure, tread the paths of life with an ease and smile on your face and with trust and confidence in your heart.

I feel connected and I'm grateful.
Thanks again.
Love and Divine light.

When it comes to connect with idea of God,spell bounded in literature as Omnipotent,Omniscient and Omnipresent.

It always moved me to query and search for "that all is". Basic DNA class was like more of witnessing that reality.

It helps you to connect with reality,heals you where it is needed.And moreover strengthen your faith towards something so bigger,that is unexplainable.

As teacher Rachna Ji is beautiful soul,her understanding nature make you learn the concepts in better way,strict as master observing through real sense and compassionate as mother.Looking forward to join her again in Advance Course."

It all started with a healing session with rachna mam. Just one session was enough to bring an amazing change in me. Stress was completely gone, started enjoying each and every moment and i was in total bliss. I felt like a child again. The best part in theta healing is the download of feelings which is so powerful that it can literally change the negative feeling of sadness, jealousy, resentment, regret, revenge etc. to positive feelings of joy, happiness, compassion, love and forgiveness. All this can be done in a matter of few seconds without having the client to make any effort.
Rachna mam turned out to be an earth angel for me. She helped me when I needed help the most and gave me an opportunity to learn the basic course from her. She is very loving and caring and will make sure that you have truly mastered the art of theta healing at the end of the course. Her friendly approach makes you at ease with her.
I thank you mam for blessing me and helping me in the most difficult time of my life and bringing an immense change in all aspects of my life.
Rakshit Gupta(Delhi)

Dear rachna ji,
Thankyou for the beautiful experience of teaching us theta healing ... it is a very powerful and impelling mode of healing as I have shared the pictures with you.
Thank you

An Experience to Remember.

The 3 day class was a pure and lovely experience. I shall cherish for the rest of my life. Rachna aunty was very patient and warmed teacher who guided us at every step. Theta is a magical tool, which I feel every human must be made aware of. I am thankful to God who gave me an opportunity to learn and Experience.
Stuti Gupta(Delhi)Student

It has been a blessing to have a teacher like Rachna. More than my experience in the class the concerned attitude of Rachna to help me out when I was stuck at some point during my practice after the course has been truly commendable. She was persistent in her efforts to help me out and needless to say succeeded. The class too had been really a pleasant experience as she went thru with such patience and understanding. I can obviously feel some change in myself in my attitudes and general demeanour for no particular reason -so obviously it is the downloads which r showing results and the beautiful part is that I feel a very positive approach in my personal life. I am so excited and waiting for more miracles to happen which I am sure will take place as it has been only a month since I have done the course and am already discovering a new me -thanks
Rachna -I am thankful and grateful to you
Madhu (Chennai)

Accentuating the Power of the Divine through guidance and unconditional love, the class with Rachana was uplifting the essence of the spirit further into oneness.
Radhika Singh

Beautiful experience of peace, joy and connection with the divine. Wonderful.
Name withheld on request

After the 3 day workshop, I had a wash away of the frustration and anger due to stress. It has helped me and my family release our troubles and negativeness.
Poornima Wadhwa

my expereince reg theta healing - trust me what i felt have just gathered it in a short paragraph writing. Hope its sounding ok.
Pooja Kaistha

In the begning, I was confused and angry inside because of my surroundings. Then I learned basic technique carrying earth's energy through the body to the creator. I started submitting my problems to the creator like my fear, confusion and sought his help In the heart I cried the god took me in his arms and protected me. I felt relaxed and felt a feeling of unconditional love.
I felt your voice so caring and soothing. Your way of talking and interaction with members was growth enhancing. Ur so open and human. Your way of hugging,touching was divine and gave lot of power. So many times I felt the downloads given by you were reaching inside my body.there was no hurry and I was in the present.then I realised the uselessness of hurrying up. I realising how the present is so important. Listen understand and think in now I am practising.
You encouraged me to bring my dad and your welcome with open arms was wonderful. I also learned about the karma theory while discussing with my dad. I realised instead of being angry critical resentful one can be positive and find good in everything is the wonderful way neutralise our karma.And start forgiving people.
I am thankful from my heart for giving me an opportunity to learn from you.

Dear Rachna,

I am overwhelmed with Vianna Stibal's Theta experience, I had conception about the technique of connecting to God through knowledge gained from various sources and own intuition but theta meditation and healing has clarified my vision and simplified the technique in the best possible way.
It is also very fast and effective way of connecting to the Creator. I am a firm believer in God and after learning theta I am able to understand my belief in a far better way.

Theta has certainly boosted my confidence, has made me feel more at peace, understand myself and others in a better way. I have a feeling of great satisfaction as I was actually looking for something like this.

And learning this technique from you was a great experience, you made me understand theta in an extremely friendly, warm and easy to understand way. You are highly communicable in your approach. I am really highly thankful to you and looking forward for the advanced course!
Best Regards,

Man has forgotten the path to get in touch with the almighty, and speak to him as our own. Theta Healing workshop conducted by Mrs. Rachna Mehra, was a wonderful experience in this direction. In this workshop we were trained to connect with “ All That Is”, and learn to heal the body and mind of self and all those interested in healing themselves.
Pratip Choudhury


Dearest Rachna ,

Theta healing has been and is continuing to be very helpful and productive for me .

The clearing of beliefs have been great .

It feels like my souls is disentangling itself and deburdening with theta .

It's due to my vision/ sight that I can clean my beliefs.

I keep visiting the class/seminar with you in my mind ; I can't tell you how much more strength You have given me ( given us all -but I'm only speaking for me now ) .im looking forward to doing the advance class . I went back and read the book and it felt like you were speaking through it .

You made theta more approachable and more of a day to day feature like eating sleeping and breathing .i was very overwhelmed before the class but now it just feels like a part of my life I can't do without.


Thank you
Immense gratitude , gratefulness & love
Natasha, Mumbai